The Genetics Laboratories offer cytogenetic and molecular testing for the diagnosis of constitutional disorders as well as providing analysis for the identification and classification of hematopoietic and tissue malignancies. Laboratories include:

Cytogenetics Laboratory

The Cytogenetics Lab analyzes chromosome morphology. In conjunction with the Molecular Genetics Lab, microarray analysis is also offered to further evaluate the genetic makeup of patients with clinical disorders. The Cytogenetics Lab also provides testing of specimens for hematologic and soft tissue malignancies.

Our facility also performs the cytogenetic technique of fluorescence in situ hybridization (FISH). FISH analysis allows for the identification of specific chromosome anomalies that are beyond the resolution of routine chromosome analysis.

Lab Director: Shibo Li, MD, FACMG

Assistant Lab Director: Young Mi Kim, PhD, FACMG

Supervisor: Xianglan Lu, MD, CG(ASCP)

Molecular Genetics Laboratory

The Molecular Genetics Laboratory offers a wide range of diagnostic services for inherited disorders using a wide spectrum of techniques and technologies such as: microarray analysis, targeted mutation analysis, trinucleotide repeat analysis, methylation analysis, PCR and next generation sequencing.

Lab Director: Hui Pang, MD, FACMG

Supervisor: Weihong Xu, MD, MB(ASCP)



Contact Information

OUHSC Genetics Laboratory 1122 NE 13th Street, Suite 1400, Oklahoma City, OK 73104

Phone (405)271-3589 Fax (405)271-7117 After hours phone (405)496-9514


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